If you want to make the game more enjoyable and interesting this tools is for you!. And much easier to defeat zombies, this page will help you. zombocalypse cheats. enjoy

Doom: The cheat code is to equip MFG1,  this  code can be used once in each round.
Pantheon: you can use this code If you want to fit the steel of God`s Hand, weapon can be activated only once in round.
I Am Legend: start with 3,200 zombies under the clasp, this will not help you to learn any experience at the completion of the round.
Valkyrie: It’s an amazing code of Zombocalypse , its help you can call a breaker
Rambo: code will help you to get a machine gun. once in  round.
Adrenaline: This is a awesome code for those without any experiment of the use of cheat codes. This give you to refill your health once in round.
Super Saiyan: this cheat code is designed for Zombocalypse. if you looking to get 3,200 experience points, You can use it once only while playing the game;

Any update will be provided on this page. Zombocalypse Cheats will periodically add new codes. In case of any source code or update, please leave your comments in below.