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Zombocalypse 2 unblocked. You have to use the weapons and kill all the zombies and collect the money that they leave behind. zombocalypse 2 is a new stylish first part of the year. The main character is more powerful than the first part. Logic and the content is the same as the first part of zombocalypse. Added new guns and new reliefs. Added a new column also zombies. They are much more aggressive than the first part and hunger. This part of the work codes that help you easily beat the hungry and ruthless zombies. In a swift reaction and attention. The main advantage of the hero in the game is completely dependent on you. Be fast and use instinct. Game approval or disapproval, please leave a comment.  good luck

  1. Right and left arrow keys for the right and left movements
  2. Space bar can be used to open the fire
  3. Down arrow allows you to pick up a weapon
  4. Up arrow is utilized to engage the backup weapon

Following in the wake of the successful Zombocalypse online game, Zombocalypse 2 by Ironzilla is yet another offering of a marathon survival game that is loads of fun. There is not much fuss to the game and you are thrown immediately into the action after a brief cutscene (which you can skip) that describes the situation. Your helicopter has crash-landed and you find yourself on a street being assaulted by streams of zombies that you have to fight off.

The goal is simple – you have to survive the onslaught that keeps getting more aggressive the longer you play. In the beginning you are armed with a great melee weapon, a machete. As the game progresses, crates of other weapons are dropped from the sky, and you have to pick them up. You can use these for as long as the ammo holds, and then you go back to your machete and cleave your way through the zombie pack.

The Gameplay

The controls are easy and intuitive. You move with the left and right arrows or the A and D keys. The down arrow lets you pick up crates, medikits etc., and the SPACE bar is used to shoot or slice, depending on the weapon you are using.

The gameplay is lots of fun and quite addictive. As the zombies smell your blood, their hordes increase and at one point you will even find a green zombie that looks different from the others rush at you with greater speed than the usual blue ones. This one takes more beatings than the others before it goes down.

With zombies coming at you from both sides, it can get overwhelming at times. Keep a lookout for medikits to heal. You move from the Crash Site to the Downtown Area, then on to the Military Base after you’ve killed enough number of zombies. Create high scores, beat your own scores or set targets for the number of zombies to kill. Check out the list of Achievements possible and try to get as many as you can. There are many ways to have fun with the game.


You can visit the Character menu to edit your character. You can change the costume and more options unlock as you earn more achievements. The screen shows you your rank. You can go from No Rank to Rookie and up to more experienced ranks, that give you more perks and also make gameplay more challenging.

Zombocalypse 2 Weapons

Zombocalypse 2 gives you a couple of other weapons in the early stages. You can visit the Armory to see what weapons are currently available to you. More can be purchased from the gold that you earn each level, or they may be unlocked as you level up. Each weapon has further upgrades possible.

You’ll have the pistol available to you early in the game. It has low stopping power so you’ll be happy to see the shotgun crates falling. With the shotgun you can blow a number of zombie brains out together.

When you reach Rookie level, you unlock the submachine gun. Keep playing and more and more weapons become available to you. You can also use Kill Combos like the Missile Strike, Air Strike, the Chopper Gunner and more to help you when you can’t handle the mayhem from the ground.


Zombocalypse 2 is a great, addictive game with just the right balance of challenge and weapon advantage to keep you occupied for hours. The music works well in keeping the tension and adrenaline going. If you are a fan of unadulterated shooter games and the zombie genre, then Zombocalypse 2 is highly worth checking out for its high entertainment value.