This movie theater was once so famous that it had its own space and lobby. Keno is currently not available in some casinos either.Casino Online LVKING  Upon entering the casino, you will find that cinemas have been replaced by slot machines and sports betting. And there is a theory why this is so. Gamers are bound to find out how horrible movie games can be. So they adapt to the movies and play other good options, but those movies are still available in some casinos, so you can play games you don’t want to play. You need to know how bad it is. Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t play Keno. 

Win but lose 

Person in White Pants and White Long Sleeve Shirt Playing Game BoardI played Keno a lot because I had a chance to win over $ 10,000 per dollar, but in the end, I realized that I would never be the same in all my numbers. We’ll look at this in more detail in another section, but the first problem is the low cost of theater rates. To be honest, the game doesn’t go as fast when you play the traditional keno game in a casino. If you only have 4 to 12 draws per hour and each draw costs only $ 1, it is not as risky as most other casino games. This usually means that you should lose less when playing keno. Play other casino games. Other games run faster and require higher stakes.

Illusion Control 

You can choose the number when the movie is playing or let the computer choose it automatically. Most of the games based on the movie use groups of 80 numbers, and you can choose different numbers according to the individual rules of the game. Dialing your number is a device that casinos use to give you the illusion of control. Some movie players try to select the displayed number based on the results. Some players think it might give them an edge, but the truth is that you are out of control, and looking at the results first will not increase your chances of winning. The 80s group does not have enough historical information to make an accurate forecast. And even if you have enough, you can predict the next 1000+ draws. Consequently, you cannot benefit from predicting future withdrawals based on past performance. And that’s another reason why keno is so bad. 

Bonus hurts you 

Person Shuffling CardsMobile and online casinos love to give bonuses to their movie players. Casinos know that movie players will lose all their money. So whatever the casino can do to deposit money, you can put it in your pocket. Play anything other than the movie until you’ve played a certain number of games in a certain degree of danger. The casino knows that you will forfeit your bonus and the entire deposit amount before you fulfill the bonus requirements. Worse, the bonus will force some players to deposit more than their initial deposit. They don’t think about losing more because they think they can get a bigger bonus by making more deposits. 4- Bet $ 1 ………. As I briefly mentioned, the biggest risk for Keno is that you can pay $ 1 in multiple locations. Many players think it only costs one dollar. What is the harm?

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